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Payroll Investigation Protection Plan (PIPP)

Payroll Investigation Protection Plan (PIPP)

As you know any business can be randomly selected for PAYE compliance visits.

Did you know that HMRC have invested over £900m redeploying 2,500 officers into compliance this year with the intention of raising £7bn of additional tax.

To counter this increasing scrutiny from HMRC and risk for your organisation our PIPP solution is aimed at getting you the best professional advice and expertise to manage any enquiry without the worry of having to pay for it. As we all know professional fees can be expensive and apply irrespective of whether HMRC discover anything from their enquiry.
Delivered by our former Inspector of Taxes, Paul Chappell, and his tax team, you can be assured that you have the expertise needed to act on your behalf.

Our service is not just reactive it provides up front preventative benefits too. Full benefits are explained on the enclosed summary of service and cover. In summary our fee protection includes the following key elements:

  • A free PAYE help and advice line
  • An initial comprehensive PAYE healthcheck for your organisation to highlight areas for action
  • If you have an enquiry we cover Dataplan professional fees pre, during and post HMRC visit.
  • We also cover our professional fees on anything that we dispute with HMRC up to a maximum of £100,000

To find out more about how you can protection your business, charity or school contact us and we'd be delighted to help

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