Meet Stan and the gang

Meet Stan and the gang

stan telephoneStan is our Dataplan payroll hero.

Stan came to Dataplan to inspire our team in the ways of the superhero and how it can benefit our clients. He taught us all 6 valuable superhero traits which we aspire and work towards to make our service as good as it possibly can be.

Stan’s Guide to being a superhero

  1. Superheroes have a clear purpose or goal
    Our goal is to deliver a first class customer experience in everything we do
  2. Superheroes get the job done and never give up
    Payroll can be a stressful and time sensitive process but our team will always do what it takes to hit deadlines and get your employees paid accurately and on time
  3. Superheroes are the best at what they do
    We invest in training and qualifications to ensure our team of payroll professionals are the best in the sector – after all that’s what you are paying for
  4. Superheroes achieve huge feats
    We have processes but there are always times when we need to pull out all the stops to get a job done and in doing so achieve great things
  5. Superheroes are more powerful in teams
    We have very talented and qualified individuals working at Dataplan, but it is the collective effect of the whole team that makes a real difference to the service we provide our clients
  6. Superheroes might not be perfect … but they pursue perfection
    We are constantly looking for feedback on what and how we do and suggestions for improvements from our clients and staff.

And because every superhero needs a sidekick or two… 

Stan isn’t alone in his persuade of payroll perfection, he also has his very own sidekicks Dataplan Fran and Dataplan Dog. They help him to rid the world of inaccurate payrolls, poor customer service and their arch-enemy … hidden costs.

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