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Kate Birch

Kate joined Dataplan after a lifetime in the motor industry, working for her family business and then The Lister Group where she worked for Mercedes-Benz.

She is frightened of nothing and no question is too tricky, one of the reasons she is our Office manager and PA for the business. Kate is a lover of common sense so if you need any help on that front you know the number to call. Kate is happy to talk to customers or mend the coffee machine – she is our Go-To Girl

Superpower – Seeing into the future!

Kate is the only person at Dataplan fitted with an bionic eye, this isn’t any type of bionic eye mind, this one can see into the future! Kate's retinal implant moves faster than the speed of light so if anything needs sorting out Kate can do it before the rest of us even knew it needed doing

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dataplan payroll services