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Mark Everard

Originally from Essex, Mark moved to Grimsby at the age of nine. His time in school resulted in achieving excellent GCSE results and an International Baccalaureate Diploma from college whilst he also worked at Cleethorpes seafront during the summer. Mark’s academic successes eventually led him to move and study Psychology at the University of Leicester. He completed his degree and also gained a submission to the Journal of Vision during his final year under a co-author listing, and he kept himself busy in his free time working in the university catered kitchens.

Mark joined Dataplan Payroll Limited after a brief time working in Argos where he quickly became a highly trusted and independent staff member, with a mind to maintain and grow his skills in data processing, customer service and all things payroll from time spent in retail environments.

Payroll Superpower - System Wizardry

Passed down from payroll generations long since gone, Mark has attuned to the ancient and arcane mysteries of report creation to the extent that he no longer requires a keyboard or mouse. He simply thinks what he needs and it appears in your payroll as if by magic!

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dataplan payroll services