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Martin Davis

Martin has spent the last 25 years in education. He worked at Grimsby Institute for 22 years as an Administrator; 11 years as an Enrolments Administrator in Student Records and 11 years as a Senior Administrator in the Apprenticeships department. He then worked for 15 months for learndirect as an Enrolments Administrator. He is now a Pensions Rookie – learning the ropes (and all the knots) of all the various Local Government pension schemes that Dataplan run.

Payroll Superpower – Written communication. Martin is superb at writing e-mails and has beautiful handwriting – always useful when most of your day is spent filling out Local Gov. forms! Martin’s more general superpower would be a killer sense of humour…he can usually see the funny side of most (non-serious) things and likes making people laugh.

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dataplan payroll services