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Adam Sheard

Adam joined Dataplan in December 2011 as a fresh faced 19 year old. Almost six years later, he is now a project manager and only slightly less fresh faced with a few grey hairs. Over the years, Adam has experienced almost every job within Dataplan and now specialises in his role that combines all of those aspects, ensuring everything is in place to allow for a smooth transfer of new customers.

Outside of work, Adam enjoys keeping himself fit through a range of sports and activities and loves to treat himself to holidays in exotic parts of the world.

Payroll Superpower - Superhuman Endurance

Adam is graced with superhuman endurance. He has a high resistance to fatigue and can exert himself in payroll activity indefinitely without becoming tired. As an important part of the Projects Team this is a vital skill. He can survive long periods of time without consumption of water, but a toffee Danish is often seen nearby.

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dataplan payroll services