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Stewart Waddell

Stewart Waddell

Stewart is the heart of operations at Dataplan Payroll and joined us in 1996. Since then he has moved up the ranks to becoming manager in early 2006 and was invited to join the board of Directors in 2012.

Stewart is responsible for overseeing the day to day running of the business, making sure all operates smoothly and all 1400+ customers are paid.

He is also full of ideas for development of Dataplan's innovative technology solution ePaysafe alongside internal systems such as DMS, our superb payroll software, ePayslips and our new HR offering "VERA".

If you're considering a switch to us, then Stewart's the guy you may meet or speak with, he will talk to you about the process of switching to Dataplan and what is involved in a transfer, costs and most important making sure you get what you need!

In his spare time he enjoys going to the gym, watching films, enjoys gadgets, mountain biking, tropical fish, Dr Who and cooking!

Payroll Superpower - Laser death ray vision. A force to be reckoned with Stewart uses his superpowers to “Clean up the payroll industry one dodgy provider at a time”

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dataplan payroll services