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Tony Brewitt

Tony formerly ran a web design studio for over a decade, helping SME's with their digital transformation.

Having won many online design awards, and with clients websites often being featured in online design inspiration galleries, Tony says he's "Big in Asia", with his first major feature being in Japans Web Designing Magazine, way back in 2004.

Along with his design and marketing background Tony has a deep understanding of Usability and Human Computer Interaction and over the last 3 years has transitioned into being Dataplans User Experience Designer, playing a key role in new Product Design and Quality Assurance as part of Dataplans agile development team. 

Payroll Superpower - Psychic ability

Tony somehow knows what users are thinking, he uses this superpower to create designs for our systems that make them work and look better. He says "It's a science" but we think it's voodoo.

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dataplan payroll services