We offer a range of solutions for Auto enrolment from compliance service, employee communications and consultancy.

Auto enrolment compliance

auto enrolementAs a part of the payroll process we will also undertake our fully managed pension management service for you as follows:

  • Assess workforce (entitled worker, eligible jobholder, non-eligible Jobholder) each pay period
  • Where necessary auto enrol employees
  • Process any opt ins that are due
  • Process any opt outs that you receive
  • Process cessation of contributions
  • Provide you with an employee status report each period
  • Provide you with a schedule of contributions
  • Upload file each period to the pension provider in a format agreed with them or provide you with same data to upload directly
  • Arrange payments of pension contributions by BACS if agreed

Employee communications

We offer a solution that fits your requirements, your employees can receive pension notices online using our ePayslips system or by post.

Dataplan have developed a custom branded solution for employees, where an employee receives their pension notice on your approved templates, if your employees use our ePayslips service the users will receive written communications delivered electronically via our secure portal.

Our illustration below shows the two core options we offer customers on auto enrolment. 


auto enrolment


For further information on our outsourcing solutions for payroll or auto enrolment please contact us for a no obligation on 03331 123456.

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