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Monday, 17 June 2013 15:09

Carol Ellis

Carol worked for a local Construction company for 26 Happy Years dealing with PAYE dispensations, Staff Expenses procedures and Payroll. Dataplan were luck enough to seek out Carol and she joined Dataplan in April 2012. Carol works in our Corporate Department as a Senior Team Manager.

Payroll Superpower - Super Navigator. Comparable to that of a bat-like creature, Carol has the power and agility to navigate her way perfectly where others would struggle through the darkness.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013 06:19

Find us

Our offices are located on Prince Albert Gardens, Grimsby.

By Car:
Both the A46 and the M180 (onto the A180) lead straight into Grimsby. 

Our Address

Dataplan Payroll Limited, 1 Prince Albert Gardens, GRIMSBY, DN31 3AG.

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The company is registered in England and Wales. Company Number: 06475128

Tel. 03331 123456 Fax. 03331 123457

Monday, 27 May 2013 13:36

Happy Tax Freedom Day 2013

Tax freedom day is on 30 May 2013. 

Tax Freedom day is calculated each year by the Adam Smith Institute. If you add up all of the tax by people paid in the UK (Income Tax, National Insurance, VAT, Fuel Duty, Alcohol and Tobacco taxes, Council Tax and the rest) and then work out how long it collectively takes the UK to earn that much the day when everything is finally paid off is the 30th May.

Wednesday, 08 May 2013 14:35

Corporate payroll solutions

We are often asked when does a small business payroll become a corporate payroll. There are no hard and fast rules and Dataplan provide payroll solutions for both.

The difference between the two tends to be subjective but there are various factors that suggest you may be in need of a corporate solution.

Factors suggesting that you are in need of a corporate payroll solution could include

  • employee numbers > 100
  • workforce distribution over a number of site
  • dedicated HR people in your business
  • HR software implemented in your business
  • the existence of an enterprise resource planning software in place
  • complex communication channels in the workplace
  • desire to automate and generate efficiency
  • many stakeholders involved in the payroll function
  • detailed requirements from the finance function
  • desire to streamline and simplify process that have grown organically

Implementation of corporate payroll solutions will vary between every customer but our approach always follows the same process. Based on classic project management techniques our 5D's process is a specific payroll implementation methodology we have developed over time

Discovery - In depth exploration aimed at gaining a fundamental understanding of your business and its workforce including current a future issues that need to be overcome

Definition - This stage maps out and scopes the project and all of its points of interaction within the business, with its employees and with Dataplan.

Development - Here we develop a specific solution from our existing payroll toolkit and identify any additional development requirement.

Dummy Run - An iterative process of testing to ensure that all inputs and outputs are as expected.

Deploy - This phase runs from “go live” date through to debrief and regular account management meetings

If you are interested in finding out more about Dataplan's Corporate Payroll Services contact us for a payroll quote or an initial chat 


Friday, 20 February 2009 15:48

Adele Blackham

Adele was appointed Client Services Director at Dataplan April 2016 following a particular specialism in areas such as major customer account management and managing accreditation and compliance across PQP and ISO disciplines.

Adele joined the company in September 2012 as Operations Manager overseeing an increasing number of client and development projects. With 29 years of payroll experience in some of the UK’s largest companies Adele has seen it all and has a proven track record when it comes to managing projects.

Payroll superpower - Super Healing/Listening powers which she uses in her customer service role to ensure she can ease any pain clients may have and resolve any discomfort within the working relationship.

Should there be a right to earn additional paid leave. This is one proposal contained in the pre-election manifesto from the Government. This is part of an ongoing drive for more flexible working patterns.

Under the proposal the plans would be to offer employees the chance to build up additional paid leave. Employees would arrange with their employers to put in more hours than they are contracted or paid to work. Any extra unpaid hours incurred could then be taken as paid leave, a sort of formal flexitime approach on an annual basis.

It is reported been reported that the proposal has not been widely considered by ministers, the government's delay in implementing changes to extended extended paternity leave suggests that changes to employment law may be some way off and dependednt on the result of the next election

Tuesday, 23 June 2009 00:00

HSBC Small Business Award

Dataplan win HSBC Small Business of the year for Northern Lincolnshire, recognising consistent growth and development. The award was presented to Richard Rowell and Stewart Waddell at a Gala Dinner on 19th June and recognised the growth of the payroll outsourcing business.

The award is open to businesses who have shown exceptional progress in terms of business growth and development over a sustained period of three years. Qualifying companies have less than 25 employees with a turnover not greater than £1.5m.

Richard Rowell, Managing Director, commented "The last 12 months have been fantastic for the business. Last September we were awarded the IPP payroll outsourcing business of the year and this new award is a real tribute to our dedicated team of payroll people."

Thursday, 07 March 2013 16:46

Tax Cards

You can download an up to date Tax Card here

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