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Wednesday, 06 March 2013 14:09

Client Guarantees

Without happy customers, we don’t have a business – it’s as simple as that.


As we have grown, we have put in place a 7 point Customer Charter to ensure the levels of quality personal service are maintained for all our clients.

Customer Charter

Total satisfaction guarantee

If you are for any reason dissatisfied with our service let us know. We will not charge you for what you are not delighted with.

New customer guarantee

We offer you a three month no risk trial. If at the end of three months you are not happy with our service we will refund all of your fees and provide you with full copies of all of your payroll data.

Deadline guarantee

We guarantee that we will meet all of your pay dates when you provide information in the agreed timescales.

Compliance guarantee

We will guarantee that your end-of-year returns are filed on time.

Confidentiality guarantee

As a subsidiary of Forrester Boyd Chartered Accountants the confidentiality of your payroll information is assured.

No surprises guarantee

Our pricing structure is simple with few occasions where additional charges are made. We guarantee to agree with you in advance before incurring any additional fees.

Price guarantee

Our contracts are fixed annually. There are no further increases.

Wednesday, 06 March 2013 14:04

Why We Are Different

The outsourced payroll sector can be a minefield with hidden costs often hidden beneath a low ‘per payslip price’ and poor service levels once the ‘deal has been done’.

That’s why, at Dataplan, our team of superheroes, like to do things a bit different –

  • Transparent pricing – no confusion or bamboozling, we don’t strip everything out just to headline a low payslip price only to add it on in extras down the line. The price we quote is the price you will pay. Guaranteed.
  • Expertise – all our heroes are professional payroll experts. We have no sales staff. We only employ experienced payroll professionals.
  • Personal service – no faceless administrators or help desks. You will have a named contact or team so you can be sure you get to speak to someone who knows your business’ payroll.
  • Bespoke reporting – no two organisations are the same which is why we don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to our reporting. We offer bespoke management reports set up to give you the powerful information you need. And it’s included in our price.
  • Innovation – the world of payroll never stands still and our boffins are always striving to provide innovative solutions and services for our clients. An example is our award-winning ePaysafe online portal which allows the easy and secure online approval and management of your payrolls and our latest invention – ePayslips, for those organisations who want to offer employees an alternative to paper payslips (we have even developed it as an iphone app).
  • Specialist payroll experience - certain sectors have specific payroll demands that add complexity to the process. Whether it is understanding teacher pay scales for schools or managing weekly payrolls and timesheets for care homes we have the experience.
  • Client guarantees – many businesses say they offer great customer service. Some claim to provide a personal service. At Dataplan, we don’t just talk about it, we guarantee it. Our 7 point Customer Charter demonstrates how committed we are to delivering a truly extraordinary level of customer care.
Wednesday, 06 March 2013 13:04

About Dataplan Payroll

Dataplan has been providing payroll for businesses and organisations throughout the UK for over 45 years.

We may not be the biggest but we do aspire to be the best in outsourced payroll.

Our philosophy is simple. To get really good at something, you need to specialise, and that’s why we concentrate on payroll. We are not a HR business with payroll bolted on, or a software provider expanding our business. We live and breathe payroll.

Our payroll heroes currently act for over 1000 organisations across the UK (including Northern Ireland), processing over £200 million of payroll every month. We manage payrolls of all sizes although typically our core business is payrolls between 50 and 10,000 employees.

Formerly a subsidiary of Forrester Boyd Chartered Accountants we apply the same professional approach and high standards to our payroll services that you would expect from a leading independent firm of accountants. We pride ourselves, not only on pure payroll expertise, but also on providing a highly personal service in a sector full of faceless payroll bureaus. It is this high level of customer care that has netted us a clutch of industry awards from the CIPP (Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals) winning Payroll Service Provider of the year in 2013 and 2008.

To find out more about what makes working with Dataplan’s payroll heroes different, click here

To talk to one of our heroes call 03331 123456 or request a payroll quote.

Wednesday, 06 March 2013 12:53

GP’s, Doctors and Medical Centre Payrolls

With the consolidation of GP practices into larger medical centres increasing across the UK and with greater fund holding possibilities with the new NHS reforms, there is an increasing pressure on Practice Managers to run their operations commercially.

At the same time, the move towards larger practices and centres adds complexity to areas such as payroll.

One important commercial decision is what areas to be outsourced. Payroll outsourcing is simple, well established and cost effective for GP Practices and Medical Centres. If handled by a team that has experience in the issues faced by medical payrolls such as

  • NHS pension scheme
  • Locums
  • Bank staff
  • Registrars pay

We have experience processing many GP practices and Medical Centre payrolls and can provide a flexible and cost effective service allowing you to focus on front line services.

Get a quote for GP and Medical Centre payroll.

Wednesday, 06 March 2013 12:52

Charities Payroll

For charities and not for profit organisations, incurring additional charges for outsourcing payroll could seem like an unnecessary cost.

The fact is however, especially for larger charities and not for profit groups, their payrolls are complex and having a flexible, reliable and cost effective payroll solution can free up valuable resource.

STOP PRESS - If you are interested in payroll services for your charity please see our dedicated Charity Payroll website at

Charity and not for profit payroll is unusual and unlike most business payrolls – they are often processing large numbers of smaller employee payments with a high turnover of workers. Charity payrolls can involve many of these factors:

  • Volunteer workers
  • Temporary contract workers
  • High staff turnover
  • Low paid employees
  • Non UK workers
  • Commission based fundraising
  • Fund specific payroll allocation
  • Trustee expense payments

Our experience of the charity payroll sector has led us to produce a flexible, all encompassing service at a fixed price.

Charity payroll clients are charged only for those employees paid within the period, at an agreed rate per payslip.

Our rates are reasonable and the pricing structure assists accurate budgeting – there are no hidden extra and no annual fees.

Our basic charge includes:-

  • Setup of new employees with no extra charges
  • Payment direct into employees bank accounts via our BACS system
  • Process Leavers and production of forms P45
  • Preparation of End of Year Returns P35 and P14/P60
  • Filing of payroll information via RTI
  • Supply Security payslips
  • Payroll reports
  • Management information 

We can also cut down on paper by providing ePayslips to your employees.

Get a quote for charity and not for profit payroll.

Wednesday, 06 March 2013 12:40

Security Industry Payroll

At Dataplan we process payroll for security businesses across the UK and are very aware of their specific payroll needs.

The security industry face a number of challenges with its employees and typical issues facing a security payroll would include –

  • High staff turnover - large numbers of low paid workers often means a high staff turnover.
  • Shift work patterns – varying shift patterns, hours and overtime add complexity
  • Foreign workers - dealing with employees from overseas can often cause issues with names, ID and bank accounts
  • Bank staff - often a care homes will have a number of "bank staff" on their books who only work occasionally giving rise to PAYE complications, employment issues and P45 complications.
  • Multisite Analysis – with teams working across multiple sites, having management information about your employees attendance, hours and site profitability can help security businesses control costs.

We have many clients in this sector and a wide range of experience in this sector and have developed a range of services to meet these needs.

See a case study about how we have helped Seal Security manage their payroll.

Get a quote for security payroll.

Wednesday, 06 March 2013 12:38

Healthcare Payroll

Payrolls in the healthcare industry whether it is care home or nursing home or domicillary care often have a high staff turnover, a mixture of weekly and monthly pay types, varying hours and overtime payments.

Dataplan has a great deal of experience handling payrolls for care homes, nursing homes and private hospitals across the UK and dealing with the payroll challenges these businesses have –

  • High staff turnover - large numbers of low paid workers often means a high staff turnover.
  • Foreign workers - dealing with employees from overseas can often cause issues with names, ID and bank accounts
  • Bank staff - often a care homes will have a number of "bank staff" on their books who only work occasionally giving rise to PAYE complications, employment issues and P45 complications.
  • 4 weekly payroll cycles - This sector often operates in 4 weekly cycles for management reporting purposes with resulting variable pay dates each month
  • Management information - the profitability of a home depends on monitoring against tight margins. We can assist by providing payroll reports by departmental and role giving you exactly the payroll information that you need.

We have many homes in the care sector ranging from individual care homes to large care home groups and employee numbers from 30 to 10,000.

See what some of our care home payroll customers say about us

A local friendly service where you can easily contact the same person each month, a person who knows my requirements often better than I do!
Anouska Wong - Busi Bodies
A professional, well managed, helpful and approachable team, who are great at what they do, Outsourcing to Dataplan was the best thing we did.
Catherine Jones - Payroll Manager for Cambian Healthcare
Friendly, professional, effective and good value - I never have to give payroll a moment’s thought and that's worth a lot to me.
Tony Stein - Canterbury Care Homes

Get a quote for care home payroll or come meet some of the Healthcare team who would manage your account.

Feel free to call Dataplan Payroll on 03331 123456 and ask for our Operations Director Stewart Waddell who will be happy to talk to you about your requirements.

Wednesday, 06 March 2013 12:36

School, Academy and Education Payroll

School payroll, academy payroll or education payroll in general has become increasingly complex and with a constant change in legislation and government policy.

Once, solely the preserve of the LEA, payroll expertise on school issues is now more widely available.

But let’s be honest, the concept of outsourcing payroll is nothing new for schools. In fact by contracting out to an LEA, schools are in effect already outsourcing their payroll, and in some cases their LEA may themselves be subcontracting.

For years the LEA’s have had schools as ‘hostage customers’ but now with more and more schools having full budget share, and the increase in Academies schools can make an alternative choice for their payroll. A choice that will give them more control over one of the most important and sensitive parts of running a school...paying its staff.

Trust in School Payroll Experts

There are specific complexities surrounding school payrolls that only experienced education payroll specialists can effectively manage -

  • Issues relating to teachers' pay spines
  • Teachers and non teaching staff Local Government pension deductions handled
  • All other deductions handled
  • Monthly school pension reports to your LEA
  • Annual service returns for your pensions
  • Experience in both primary and secondary school payrolls

You need a team of school payroll experts working with you to get it right and ensure compliance at every stage. At Dataplan you can be sure that we have the technical expertise to make sure you school payroll is correct and you make all of the necessary returns you need.

In fact we have so much expertise in school payrolls that we have set up a dedicated education division. For more information visit our main school payroll website

Get a quote for School payroll, Academy payroll or Education Payroll via our dedicated sister site at Dataplan Education 

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