Branch & Multiple Site Payroll

Branch & Multiple Site Payroll

If your business or organisations has multiple sites or branches you will probably be facing the following payroll issues:

  • A large workforce split across multiple sites
  • Remote workers
  • A lack of payroll reporting
  • Problems with the complexity of the payroll reporting
  • Difficulties in obtaining information across the divisions or branches
  • Dependence on branch or line managers for the accuracy of the payroll
  • Delays caused by Head office approval of payrolls
  • Current payroll systems in place

If any of this sounds familiar we can help in a number of ways. We have experience handling both branch payroll and multi-site payroll for many of our clients and are used to the challenges of managing complex information and the data capture needs or branch and multi site payroll.

We can work with your existing payroll systems and create fully bespoke management reporting to give you the payroll information you need, when you need it.

Our ePaysafe online payroll system allows your branch or line managers to enter payroll information directly with the facility for you to carry out exception reports and detailed reviews before you send the data to us for processing. So you cut out the delays and inaccuracies yet still regain control for the approval of your payrolls.

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