Charities Payroll

Charities Payroll

For charities and not for profit organisations, incurring additional charges for outsourcing payroll could seem like an unnecessary cost.

The fact is however, especially for larger charities and not for profit groups, their payrolls are complex and having a flexible, reliable and cost effective payroll solution can free up valuable resource.

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Charity and not for profit payroll is unusual and unlike most business payrolls – they are often processing large numbers of smaller employee payments with a high turnover of workers. Charity payrolls can involve many of these factors:

  • Volunteer workers
  • Temporary contract workers
  • High staff turnover
  • Low paid employees
  • Non UK workers
  • Commission based fundraising
  • Fund specific payroll allocation
  • Trustee expense payments

Our experience of the charity payroll sector has led us to produce a flexible, all encompassing service at a fixed price.

Charity payroll clients are charged only for those employees paid within the period, at an agreed rate per payslip.

Our rates are reasonable and the pricing structure assists accurate budgeting – there are no hidden extra and no annual fees.

Our basic charge includes:-

  • Setup of new employees with no extra charges
  • Payment direct into employees bank accounts via our BACS system
  • Process Leavers and production of forms P45
  • Preparation of End of Year Returns P35 and P14/P60
  • Filing of payroll information via RTI
  • Supply Security payslips
  • Payroll reports
  • Management information 

We can also cut down on paper by providing ePayslips to your employees.

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