Corporate payroll solutions

Corporate payroll solutions

We are often asked when does a small business payroll become a corporate payroll. There are no hard and fast rules and Dataplan provide payroll solutions for both.

The difference between the two tends to be subjective but there are various factors that suggest you may be in need of a corporate solution.

Factors suggesting that you are in need of a corporate payroll solution could include

  • employee numbers > 100
  • workforce distribution over a number of site
  • dedicated HR people in your business
  • HR software implemented in your business
  • the existence of an enterprise resource planning software in place
  • complex communication channels in the workplace
  • desire to automate and generate efficiency
  • many stakeholders involved in the payroll function
  • detailed requirements from the finance function
  • desire to streamline and simplify process that have grown organically

Implementation of corporate payroll solutions will vary between every customer but our approach always follows the same process. Based on classic project management techniques our 5D's process is a specific payroll implementation methodology we have developed over time

Discovery - In depth exploration aimed at gaining a fundamental understanding of your business and its workforce including current a future issues that need to be overcome

Definition - This stage maps out and scopes the project and all of its points of interaction within the business, with its employees and with Dataplan.

Development - Here we develop a specific solution from our existing payroll toolkit and identify any additional development requirement.

Dummy Run - An iterative process of testing to ensure that all inputs and outputs are as expected.

Deploy - This phase runs from “go live” date through to debrief and regular account management meetings

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