ePayslips - Online Payslips

ePayslips - Online Payslips

Technology has revolutionised the way we conduct our lives and access information.

The internet and smart phone technology mean that for many people, being able to access and manage their epayslips online is now the preferred route.

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Payroll is no different and that is why we introduced ePayslips, our online payslips solution, through our payroll portal ePaysafe, so your employees no longer need to receive a paper payslip every month.

But we haven’t stopped there. We looked at what would be beneficial for employees and developed our ePayslips online service to not only allow the access to their online payslips information and history 24/7, we have also brought together a raft of features we know your employees will love including –

  • Access to all their online payslips – so no need to be rummaging around to find old payslip information
  • Access to P11D and P60’s
  • Employees are notified by email, SMS message or even twitter direct message when a new payslip is available
  • Secure communication between you and your employee
  • Additional information and documentation regarding tax codes or company documentation such as holiday forms or staff handbooks
  • Their own 50Mb document storage space where they can upload useful documents to access at any time
  • ePayslip iPhone app (view in iTunes) and Android app (download from Google Play)

    ePayslips iPhone app available on the App Store ePayslips Android app available on Google Play

ePayslip benefits for employers

As employers, ePayslips cuts down on the amount of paper being produced, it also provides a better service to your staff it also allows for the easier handling of pay queries and changes to employee information.

  • Reduce the amount of paper you produce
  • Reduce costs of posting payslips to employees
  • Cut down on the requests for duplicate payslips
  • Reduce payslip queries from staff
  • Allows secure communication with staff (which is especially useful for larger organisations with replete staff)
  • Easy sharing of company information such as staff handbooks, quality manuals, policies and procedures

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