BACS and Payroll Systems

BACS and Payroll Systems

Most businesses today use electronic payments of some form or another - to pay employees and suppliers.

At Dataplan we are a fully accredited BACS bureau using the latest BACSTEL IP systems.

The benefits of using BACS is that it is a fully automated system. You simply approve your payroll and we do the rest for you. No re-keying of information into your electronic payments system and no having to remember to send a file to the bank.

Via our BACS system we can pay your net pay, PAYE & NI, attachment of earnings, pensions, health schemes, Union deductions. In fact, we can BACS just about anything. All you have to do is approve your payroll and we take care of the rest.

To be allowed to operate BACS facilities on behalf of clients you must be initially accredited and then reassessed every 3 years. At our last assessment Dataplan scored top marks and ranked excellent in each of the five assessed areas –

  • Bureau Organisation and Financial Information
  • Physical Security
  • Computer Operations
  • Applications and System Support
  • BACS processing and Operations

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