Management Information

Management Information

Payroll is about paying your staff the right amount on time. Well this is certainly true, but what other benefits could a well run payroll give your business?

The management information generated by your payroll can give you rich and timely information into your business. The data on absence, for example can highlight potential health and morale problems. Whether this is an individual or across a whole work section, the information can alert management and enable early intervention to address the problem. Similarly, examination of staff numbers, deployment and costs can identify areas of over- or under-staffing or under-performance. It can reveal a need for, or over-reliance on, overtime or agency staff. This allows informed decisions on recruitment, training, or re-deployment.

Tailored made reporting as standard

As you would expect from a professional payroll outsourcer, Dataplan Payroll will automatically send you a comprehensive set of reports to approve before each payroll is finalised.

That’s fine, but we like to take it one stage further and work with our clients to put together bespoke management reports containing the information they most need to help manage their business.

That could include –

  • Cost Centre / departmental reporting
  • Breakdown of starters and leaver information
  • Payroll variance reports and exceptions
  • Bradford factor reporting
  • Holiday pay information
  • SMP / SSP reports
  • Payroll across period reports
  • Year to date information

This list is by no way definitive, however. If we hold the information on your payroll, we can provide payroll management information on it.

And, through our ePaysafe online payroll system you can have secure access to your management information 24/7, whenever you need it.

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