Online Pay Services

Online Pay Services

As a specialist payroll business we aim to provide leading edge payroll services and are constantly looking to embrace the possibilities that new technologies can offer.

The internet and mobile phone technology offers a fantastic opportunity to streamline and enhance the outsourced payroll experience.


At Dataplan, we are very proud of our award-winning internet based online payroll portal ePaysafe, which allows you to login to your payroll account from any internet access and uses the power of the internet to deliver an elegant solution to many payroll problems -

  • It’s fast - no more waiting for the post to send us your payroll information or receive payrolls to approve by ‘snail mail’.
  • It’s secure – it may be accessed via the internet but it doesn’t use insecure email but rather everything is in a safe 256 bit encrypted environment
  • It gives you an audit trail – because it is an online system, it produces a clear audit trail of who approved what and when, all correspondence with us and where you payrolls are in the process
  • It keeps everything in one place – this may seem a minor point, but our clients tell us that the ability to have all their payroll information in one place that is easily accessed and viewed is a real bonus.
  • It reduces paperwork – we may not yet be in a paperless office environment, but with information held in pdf format, we certainly aren’t contributing to the paper mountain.
  • It’s ever changing – we are always adding new features to our ePaysafe and VERA systems,  depending on customer needs or our development road map we like to keep up to date
  • It has dual approval – We have the option for the payroll to be reviewed and approved by one or more permitted users. For example, the payroll team could approve the payroll in the first instance, with the final approval being needed by your HR or Finance team or even a director.

Other features include:

  • Online self-service payroll journals
  • Full view of your payroll and progress
  • Approval SMS message confirmation
  • Unlimited users with no hidden licence fees
  • Online BACS reports for review
  • Payroll resources and online updates
  • Employee information including online payslips

5 steps to streamlining your payroll

The technology behind our bespoke online payroll service may be cutting edge, but for the user, the process couldn’t be simpler:

  1. We process your payroll and upload the data onto our secure site.
  2. You will receive an email or SMS message from our ePaysafe service which will advise you that your payroll is ready for collection.
  3. You logon and download the payroll when best suits you!
  4. You check the payroll and confirm it is correct by following the payroll approval process 
  5. We send out your payslips direct to you or your employees home address or ePayslips

So no delays, no paperwork to file and no worries about the security of this very sensitive data!

To discuss ePaysafe and our other payroll services, call on 03331 123456 or contact us today.

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