Payroll Confidentiality

Payroll Confidentiality

One of the initial worries businesses often have when considering outsourcing their payroll is the confidentiality of their payroll data.

Fear that data sent and stored outside of their organisations could be vulnerable to access or loss if systems crashed or disasters happened.

Payroll is an extremely sensitive area and payroll confidentiality something we take very seriously.

  • All of our people are closely vetted before we employ them. Our people are also required to complete regular fit and proper and confidentiality processes ensuring that confidentiality is maintained
  • Our systems are checked, double checked and regularly tested to ensure that our security is up to date and appropriate for dealing with sensitive payroll data.
  • We are of course subject to the Data Protection Act and we are subject to external testing as part of the BACS accreditation process.
  • Our secure online payroll portal ePaysafe uses a secure 256 bit encrypted environment so no data is sent via unsecure channels such as email.
  • We have a triple level backup system which is second to none within the payroll field.
  • Our business continuity (disaster recovery) programme ensures that in the event of a disaster such as fire, flood or power failures we can be up and running within three hours.

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