Payroll Integration

Payroll Integration

All businesses have systems for dealing with payroll and payroll integration is a key requirement for many businesses.

These could range from accounts software to HR and time and attendance packages and when looking to outsource payroll, integration with existing systems is often an important factor.

Dataplan’s integration works in one of two 2 ways.

1) Payroll integration - on the way in

The flexible way in which we operate means that we can adapt to your existing systems. If you can get the information out of your existing systems then we can work with it. We take advantage of our own Microsoft Certified company to develop sophisticated conversion and filter programs to adapt any information you send us so that we can import the details into our payroll software ready for processing.

2) Payroll integration - on the way out

Our SQL based payroll system lets us extract complex information into CSV files for reading and manipulating. Whether you are looking to automate journal entries to import into your accounts system or HR systems, we can provide a solution.

Flexibility and technology are the key here. You tell us what your payroll integration needs are and we'll work with you to achieve them.

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