Dataplan launch new Charity Payroll website

Dataplan launch new Charity Payroll website
Friday, 27 April 2012 09:35

Dataplan are delighted to announce the launch of their new website dedicated to outsourcing payroll services and solutions for charities. You can find the site here at

So why charities?

We already act for quite a number of charities and with economic developments over recent years charities are now more than ever looking to find payroll providers that can provide value for money and manage the risk that payroll entails for the charity and not for profit sector.

With the website we aim to develop awareness in the charity sector so that, in these difficult economic times, third sector organisations don't have to choose the "big name" international players and pay top dollar. Also they don't have to choose a payroll provider with little or no experience in the sector or without the innovation and IT expertise to deliver a high level of service.

At Dataplan our mix of personal approach, flexibility, low costs, innovation and professionalism hits the mark with customers up and down the country. In particular, we appeal to the not for profit sector including charities, CIC's, social enterprises and volunteer organisations.

With Dataplan's dedicated Charity service they can minimise your payroll risk by choosing experts in the industry, who have the investment, infrastructure and innovation to deliver the payroll service you deserve.

You can find our new website at or click here payroll outsourcing services for charities

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