When considering a change of payroll outsourcing provider each business has their own motives for seeking an alternative, potential business partners who contact us often tell us they are -

• Looking for a cheaper solution from their current provider

• Experiencing poor service and ongoing issues such as payroll errors or lack of reporting

• Concerned about where their payroll data is being stored

• Lots of added extra charges for starters, leavers or even printing P45's

• Their current payroll provider isn’t flexible or friendly when the customer needs a hand to hold

• The current provider cannot keep pace with technology such as ePayslips or online payroll approval or payments by BACS, to name just a few

Many potential customers need to be 100% certain they are making the right move as changing payroll provider isn’t something you want to undertake over and over again until you get a right match.

At Dataplan we don’t have pushy sales staff who want to sign up as many customers as possible nor do we have page after page of customer names splattered all over our websites with testimonials or quotes what “our customers say”.  Indeed most of our customers want complete confidentiality.

If you take a look around you will come across websites are making all sorts of claims most of which should be taken with a pinch of salt.

At Dataplan we do things a little differently, first of all we want to make sure you are confident and happy that you made the right choice. So how do we do this?

If you are interested in switching to us, we arrange for you to speak to some of our customers, this will give you that extra piece of mind about the switch you are about to commit with direct from the horse’s mouth. We arrange for you to speak to a similar sized customer, a customer in the same business sector or even a customer who came from your current provider, that way you can find out more from a customer’s prospective on how we deliver our services and how the implementation went as well which is always very important.

We are that confident that you will be delighted with our services we offer a 3 months money back guarantee! Why not give us a call to find out more by speaking to Stewart Waddell our Operations Director on 03331 123456 or request a call back here

Written by Stewart Waddell
Published on May 9, 2014