Moving Payroll Provider can be a worrying time for some, However, Outsourcing Payroll to Dataplan is a piece of cake. Our staff are key to helping you transfer without any issues.

Having a reliable Payroll Implementation Team when transferring your payroll is very important to a successful and smooth transition from one payroll outsourcing provider to another.

At Dataplan we ensure all our new customers are allocated a named and dedicated project manager who will oversee your transfer to Dataplan from start to end rather than the new customer dealing with someone one day, then someone else the next.

Our Payroll Hero Project Managers deal with all the employee data from your previous provider including all employee year to dates information, we can even help switch over your BACS user number if you require Dataplan to transmit your BACS payments for you.

Once the setup data is complete the project manager can also parallel run any number of periods payrolls until you are 100% happy that all is running smoothly before we go live. The manager will continue to process your payroll and will only hand over your account to your on going payroll contact once you have signed off confirming you are delighted with the setup, including general processing, payroll reports and all is settling in and running to your requirements.

If you would like to see how our payroll transfer operates please contact us and request our "Payroll Implementation Guide".

Written by Stewart Waddell
Published on January 24, 2014