The world of work and business is constantly evolving, with new more sophisticated technologies and software constantly being developed to drive automation. Just recently we announced the evolution of our updated app under our ePayslips solution. This evolution is changing the way that we work with greater accuracy, effectiveness, and efficiency; but what is the impact?

Many businesses now use multiple different systems for their functions such as HR, timesheets, absence management, and expenses. Individually all of these systems provide some benefit, but the greatest effectiveness comes from them being able to work with each other and share information. At Dataplan we have built our own solution to harness the power of sharing information.

Dataplan’s solution to integration

At Dataplan our motto is to provide a truly flexible solution that fits around the client’s needs, rather than forcing them to fit into a ‘cookie cutter’ format. This means that we have had to develop our own answer to the problem of having different systems communicate with each other, where some other outsourced payroll providers would provide a standard spreadsheet for the client to input.

Our solution was to have our in-house development team create our very own ‘parsing engine’ allowing us to take client data in any format. This allows all of the systems to share their information with each other.

EDNA does the heavy lifting

EDNA, which stands for Electronic Dataplan Networking Assistant, takes the standard outputs, data or reports (whether they are xml, pdf, txt, excel, csv or something else) from systems including ERP, HR, Time and Attendance, time recording, holiday and absence management, and self-service portals. It then extracts all of the data and converts it into the formats needed by us to process the client’s payroll.

Additionally, EDNA allows us to cater to any complex information needs by outputting specific file types and formats to feedback into whatever financial or HR systems the client uses.

Even where it is the case that the client is using multiple different systems, EDNA allows us to work with this. As long as employees can be uniquely identified (for example with an employee number, their name, national insurance number, or date of birth) EDNA can configure an integration.

We already integrate with many systems

EDNA has allowed us to integrate with many systems and software, some of the current systems we integrate with include:

  • SAP
  • PeopleSoft
  • Kronos
  • Mitrefinch
  • Natural HR
  • Careblox
  • Bullhorn
  • Eproductive
  • Breathe HR
  • Coolcare
  • Riteq
  • Staffsavvy
  • Deputy
  • Shopworks
  • Elementsuite

Put simply, EDNA is the communication between our systems

In simple terms, EDNA can work as the translator between different systems that use different formats. EDNA will take the output from any systems you use, it will then extract, aggregate and format this data ready for processing. Our team of experts then takes over to handle your payroll, before EDNA steps back in to format our outputs in the way that is required for your HR and finance systems.

Written by Rachel Cooke
Published on November 11, 2021

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