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A week with the payroll heroes

A week with the payroll heroes
Adam Lee
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Monday, 03 November 2014 13:37

I have completed my first week with Dataplan and I thought it would be interesting for the outside world to know more about Dataplan, Payroll and me!.

Having studied mathematics for 3 years at University, payroll was something I had never really encountered. In previous part time work I was used to having a weekly pay slip thrown my way, decorated with a lot of figures, most of which I ignored. To me this looked like the work of a few quick sums, by a couple of number crunchers who needed an amount of hours and a salary. Of course this is not the case.

It didn’t take me long to realise there was a lot to it. A quick peek around the software and a view of the files stored showed just how much information was really needed. The regular ringing of the phones showed it was more than just about numbers and codes, customer relationships were essential to producing quality work. Effective communication is always needed to make sure you’re not missing anything.

Work aside, Dataplan is a friendly place to work from the off. I was introduced to all the staff almost immediately, and always got a friendly good morning or hello from any staff I passed walking round the offices. As well as this I got a tour to save any embarrassing getting lost scenarios.

Having only worked at Dataplan for a number of days, I have already been introduced to a variety of new software and online tools that make every day work more fluid. Everyone around is willing to lend a hand when I’m struggling and it feels like I am being taught by experts at what they do. The team spirit is prominent throughout, with people going to and from their own offices to help when needed, and clearly aiming to get the work spot on.

The company are clearly ambitious looking at their recruitment drive, it seems people are starting work with Dataplan on a regular basis.

There’s a very clear social side to the job as well, which I hope to get really involved with in time. This was apparent from the first hour I worked when I was invited to a company meal, which unfortunately I can’t attend. However I look forward to future events like this, as going off the friendly staff, I can imagine will be great fun.

Despite only working with Dataplan for a week, I already feel right at home, and I am enjoying the atmosphere.

I look forward to learning more in the next few weeks and months getting more and more involved in the payroll processing side of the business and fully joining Dataplans Payroll Academy training program which all new memebers of the team join, so far, so good.

Adam Lee

Adam Lee joined Dataplan in October as one of our Graduates initially helping out in our projects team.

In his free time he plays a variety of sports, primarily football and badminton. He is a keen supporter of Liverpool FC, and also attends many live music events and festivals around Europe.

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