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Graduates Enrol for Payroll Academy

Graduates Enrol for Payroll Academy
Stewart Waddell
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Thursday, 16 October 2014 12:52

Dataplan Payroll Limited are pleased to announce that a further four new university graduates have joined our Payroll Academy training program.The Dataplan Payroll Academy

Over the next six months we are working with the CIPP and other training bodies as well as our internal training to bring along our new generation of payroll professionals for our Education sector.

Within weeks of joining, our four graduates were enrolled on an intensive five day course by Payroll Alliance. This covered all of the payroll basics, from Tax, NI and statutory payments, to even looking into some of the legalities and practicalities of payroll.

Lessons, revision and three exams in one day: it was as though our graduates had never left full time education! We’re delighted to say they all passed with flying colours and are already putting their knowledge to use.

With the basics of payroll knowledge gained, our grads are now undertaking advance training in more specified areas, such as pensions, money laundering and BACS and other internal systems.

Alongside courses and training they are already looking after and are processing some small payrolls, as there is no greater way of learning than doing. Furthermore, with our vastly experienced team of Payroll Professionals, our graduates essentially have their very own personal payroll tutors sat in the very same office.

Looking forward to next year, we aim for our graduates to be at a stage where they can offer guidance and support to our next batch, fresh from university. With great opportunities, training and qualifications provided, and The Payroll Academy now in full flow, Dataplan really is leading the way for future Payroll Professionals.

If you are interested in joining Dataplan we currently have opportunities, please take a look at our careers page for further details here.

Stewart Waddell

Stewart is our Operations Director and is responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly for all 1000+ customers. Stewart also manages our systems and staff. He also helps with the development of Dataplan's innovative technology solutions like our ePayslips solution and VERA HR to name a few.

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