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The filing can wait

The filing can wait
Stewart Waddell
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Sunday, 09 March 2014 20:23

Let them go home that little earlier, let the filing wait for Monday, don’t be so demanding with those endless tea requests because this week is National Apprenticeship Week.

Co-ordinated by the National Apprenticeship Service, the week-long event aims to raise the profile of Apprenticeships and the opportunities it can offer young people in a generation of record breaking unemployment levels. Apprenticeships are rapidly becoming a very viable and beneficial solution for Employers, enabling them to potentially gain long term employees trained specifically for their sectors. Any Business that endorses apprenticeships should be celebrated, here are a few useful facts to consider if you are considering Apprentice recruitment:

• While it seems comparatively inexpensive to employ an Apprentice (NMW-£2.68 per hour), businesses should also consider the time and cost of supporting, mentoring and training any young worker.

• Apprentices are employed under an Apprenticeship contract. There is a legislative difference in simply employing a young employee and the £2.68 NMW would not stand.

• Employers are under no obligation to only pay the £2.68, many companies will pay more.

• The Government offer Grants to SME’s to assist in recruitment and training of Apprentices(AGE 16-24)

• Studies have found that costs of Apprenticeship Schemes are recuperated very quickly having developed a skilled specialist worker.

As an employer of Apprentices ourselves , Dataplan wholly endorses this year’s slogan “Great Businesses are made by apprentices and Apprenticeships lead to Great Prospects”.

For Further details on apprenticeships click here



Stewart Waddell

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