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Working with the payroll experts

Working with the payroll experts
Brody Walton
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Thursday, 21 August 2014 11:29

My first month at Dataplan Payroll Limited has been very enjoyable so I thought it would be a good opportunity to tell the world at large about my experience so far with my first ever blog!

For those that don’t know Dataplan Payroll Limited have over 1100+ customers, 400 of which are schools, these are looked after by a dedicated Education sector called “Dataplan Education”  the customer base is vast with Dataplan overseeing fully managed payroll services for Primary, Secondary, Academy’s and University’s across the UK from Aberdeen down to sunny Brighton.

So far during my time at Dataplan Payroll I have met many friendly characters and have really enjoyed getting into the working environment. I even have my own little Dataplan avatar which is cool as you can see.

In such a small period of time I feel like I have learnt so much about payroll so far, this is down to the intense training I have undertaken which has been provided by Dataplan using their internal payroll academy training plan and having a mentor to help me along with way.

Dataplan works well because of the team, everyone helps each other out and pulls together when needed, all my colleagues are always coaching me and I pick up something new every day, I have also moved into another department which has also broadened my knowledge in Payroll in such a short period of time, I am now based within the secondary education department.

The main role I have played so far at Dataplan is to learn the BACS payments process and training for this is ongoing, our BACS process makes sure that every school both primary and secondary gets paid on time and paid correctly, well that’s just a brief explanation it is pretty advance as well as the IT systems and checks the company has in place here.

Eventually I will be processing payrolls and well as the administration duties I have to complete as a part of the day to day role which keeps the blood of the business moving, in the future I will have some of my own dedicated customers to look after which  is great  as this helps me connect with customers and build relationships which is what the business is built on.

Dataplan seems a great fit for me in more ways than one, the warm welcome has made me feel like I have been here for a lot longer than I have and the friendly atmosphere makes work that more enjoyable. Since I have started there has been many others that have also started, so a work night out was planned for the vast amount of younger trainees involved in the company which was fantastic.

There is also an 11 aside Football team in which we won our first game 4-0 with a sweet left foot strike from myself on my debut. Every Monday there is also a 5 aside team that takes part in a local league, Dataplan have definitely employed a good bunch of footballers.

Looking forward to the future here, another update to follow soon.

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