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ePayslips goes live - July 2010

ePayslips goes live - July 2010
Richard Rowell
Written by
Thursday, 15 July 2010 19:53

We've been working on our ePayslips system for over 12 months but I'm delighted to say it went live in July and we are in the process of setting up a number of companies on this new system.

As we've indicated before our ePayslips system is not just about displaying a payslip online. An overused and misunderstood phrase is "adding value". We've tried to do that by allowing users to do much more. In addition to the ePayslip they will be able to view P11D's and P60's from April 2011.

Given that your employees have logged on and validated themselves there is a secure means of communication between employer and employee in full knowledge that the messages are to/from known employees and your business. Particularly useful when employees need to contact HR/Payroll when on shifts or at separate sites.

There are also some helpful user guides on understanding your tax codes and payroll basics the employer can use the website to post company documents such as employment manuals, holiday request forms in fact whatever they want to make available to all of their employees.

It provides a secure space for employees to store their own important information too. Simply upload or email files to the site and it will be stored and available 24 hours a day.

There is also a reminder section where your employees can set up reminders for important events, get the car MOT'd or even remeber the wedding anniversary!

Our survey back in June highlighted that not all employers would want to switch to ePayslips just yet so our system is flexible enough to allow a mix of employees paper and electronic payslips, though we recommed all or nothing when it comes to ePayslips.

If you need further information about ePayslips please contact your usual Dataplan contact.

Richard Rowell

Richard is the CEO of Dataplan Payroll Limited and is also responsible for the ideas and development of Dataplan's innovative technology solutions such as ePaysafe.

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