Written by Jack SImpson
Published on August 25, 2018

Many may not realise how much work goes on behind the scenes to ensure the precision of payroll processing.

Certainly – payroll is far from a case of merely inputting numbers into a computer. Instead, payroll at its most complex requires a high degree of technical nous, to ensure that how it is run fully complies with numerous components of technical guidance.

At Dataplan, we do the maximum we can to ensure that our payroll software is constantly evolving, so that – as the technical guidance from HMRC changes – the way that we process payroll automatically adjusts.

A significant, recent change in technical guidance relates to the actioning of earlier year updates. This guidance clarifies how an EYU should be handled when it reduces the amount of employee national insurance contributions for the year in question.

In doing so, it specifies how the NIC refund indicator should be applied. This indicator should be set to ‘Yes’ if the employer has refunded the member of staff (or if no refund was due). It should instead be set to ‘No’ if the employee is still owed a refund – say, for instance, if the employee is now a leaver.

We take pride in how, at Dataplan, we ensure that our internal processes, e.g. in relation to earlier year updates, are kept under constant review, so that they full reflect the latest technical guidance. Through the fact of us doing so, you can be sure that – with Dataplan – the information HMRC receives about your payroll is accurate to the penny.