Written by Chris Rutter
Published on August 29, 2018

ADP will be a recognisable name to anyone who has ever received a payslip. Having started as a small processing firm in the 1950’s, ADP is now a large global brand offering over 13 different products across HR and outsourced payroll. However, bigger doesn’t always necessarily mean better.

Having also started as a small processing firm in the 1950’s, Dataplan Payroll has deliberately positioned itself to be a competitive alternative to the global behemoths such as ADP. Our typical customer is an SME and being an SME ourselves we understand that:

  • Your business needs will be flexible
  • You might not want to be shoehorned into various different products and learn different systems
  • You might not fully understand what your business needs are and we can help you define what it is that you need assistance with
  • You may already have an HR and finance system that needs to integrate with payroll. We can work with you to ‘wrap around’ your existing processes to makes things as seamless as possible. Why use a sledgehammer to crack a nut?
  • You don’t want to be treated as a number. If something goes wrong you want accountability and a quick resolution. We don’t have a helpdesk and we can’t hide behind various levels of bureaucracy. We promise to get to the root cause of any problem quickly and if necessary our directors act as immediate escalation points

ADP isn’t for everyone and if you feel as though you’re not getting the service that you deserve, why not get in touch with Dataplan Payroll to see what an alternative approach to payroll can bring you.

To get a quote for outsourced payroll or to discuss your requirements give Dataplan a call on 03331 123456.