Written by Stewart Waddell
Published on February 19, 2018

The hotel industry faces a number of exclusive tests when it comes to processing payroll. As a hotel business this is normally multi locational, and has a variety of payroll cycles such as 4 weekly or monthly to manage, hotel groups that manage payroll in-house need to ensure that payroll is accurate to keep a happy workforce.

Overpayments and similar errors are common in businesses using traditional, dated or manual payroll systems. The nature of hotel payroll, with peaks and troughs throughout the payroll year around key dates such as social events like holidays, and business meetings, means that payroll teams face sudden flurries of extra work all year round which can lead to payroll pressure for the payroll department or team.

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Dataplan are experts in hospitality payroll

Our payroll heroes at Dataplan understand the challenges faced by the hotel industry, after all we have many customers in the hotel sector that we look after and we are committed to providing reliable, cost effective outsourced hotel payroll solutions. Our all-inclusive payroll solution delivers a flexible, streamlined, and secure hotel payroll service that relieves the anxieties of processing a hotel payroll in-house.

We work with our hotels to streamline processes, such as direct data feeds / payroll importing and advanced IT systems which saves money to allow the hotel to get on with what they do best rather than payroll.

Working with dedicated payroll provider such as Dataplan Payroll Hospitality gives the right solution for data capture, online reporting, right through to payment of employees direct into bank accounts For more in payroll services for your hotel, restaurant or event venue, please see our dedicated Hospitality Payroll website at www.dataplanhospitality.co.uk