Written by Chris Rutter
Published on September 11, 2017

As a fresh new graduate, Dataplan was the place that I decided to start my payroll career back in 2012. A year later, personal reasons intervened and I reluctantly waved goodbye to Dataplan as I pursued other payroll opportunities before eventually settling in Scotland. Fast forward 5 years and I am now back at Dataplan with a myriad of payroll experience.

With the benefit of hindsight, it’s obvious to see the effects of changes that have taken course over the last five years within my first fortnight back. This serves as an indicator as to where the future is heading and why I believe this is the best place in payroll for both clients and professionals.


When I left, I had 31 colleagues and we shared 6 rooms in an old office. Half a decade later and there are now over 100 staff and we have moved into a purpose built office space complete with break out areas, training facilities and meeting rooms. There are certainly no signs of recession or uncertainty here!


There are now more teams with their own elected specialisms all with a deep understanding of how their team functions in the overall process. Everyone who I have spoken to has made the time to show me how they operate and supported me with all of my queries.


The most exciting aspect from my perspective is the commitment and focus to centralise all procedures around new technology. This is a continuous process for everyone as all ideas are thought of, developed and executed in-house which allows absolutely everyone to contribute to the direction of the business. This is such a refreshing change to the dated approach to payroll adopted by more traditional workplaces.


All of these factors contribute to people feeling engaged and enthusiastic about what they are doing and this becomes immediately obvious and creates a really comfortable working environment. Rather than work, it’s just like a bunch of mates together who happen to know the same stuff!