Written by Stewart Waddell
Published on October 5, 2009

We have been helping HMRC develop their PDV over the last few months and today sees it go live.

HMRC's Data Provisioning Service (DPS) is the means by which HMRC sends PAYE notices and reminders to employers and payroll agents.

Employers and agents can log in to the PAYE for Employers services on HMRC's website and read and download tax code notices, student loan notices and other employer notices but this is very time consuming for some users who have vast numbers of coding notices.

However, although DPS is practical to use for small employer and agents with only a few clients to look after, it is cumbersome and limited in the support it provides for large employers, agents and bureaux who receive large volumes of codes and notices.

In response to feedback from these large users and after running trials with a number of employers including ourselves at Dataplan Payroll, HMRC is making a new viewer available that should make it easier to download and manage notices in bulk.

The PAYE Desktop Viewer (PDV) will be available from today (5th Oct) to download from HMRC's website and install onto users' computers.

The system, after an initial download of all of the current notices held in DPS, will give users a summary of the codes and notices, show them which are not yet actioned and allow them to be marked as actioned. It can also be used to search by individual, employer, date, notice type, NINO or works number and PAYE scheme reference.

It should be a great improvement to the current system which some of us find a pain.