Written by Richard Rowell
Published on August 1, 2009

PAYE desktop viewer is finally here. Or rather the testing phase is here. As a member of the Working Together initiative with HMRC we have been invited into the testing phase for this new product.

It seems a long while since HMRC have managed to provide outsourcing providers with good news. The Payroll Desktop Viewer is a good step forward for payroll outsourcing providers. It will allow us to manage tax code notifications in a much more methodical manner and save a great deal of time accessing changes.

PDV promises features including;

  • An overview of the codes and notices received for each client
  • A default view to show which codes and notices are 'unactioned' (and the ability to mark them 'actioned')
  • Create lists of items based on name, form, client and date using improved search functions
  • Add comments to codes and notices
  • Send codes and notices to another PDV user in your organisation

If it works this should cut down dramatically on the amount of paper being wasted by the current tax code notification syste.

After recent debacles with thousands of 2009/10 tax codes issued incorrectly and the most recent issue where HMRC have managed to remove the employers name from tax code change notifications, this feels like a step forward.

As I said the PDV is being released to testing, with a full release planned for October . Fingers crossed !