Hotel Payroll Outsourcing – Hilton Hotels

Hotel Payroll Outsourcing – Hilton Hotels
Chris Rutter
Written by Chris Rutter
Wednesday, 27 June 2018 05:36

The hotel industry meets a lot of distinctive challenges when it comes to successful payroll management. For a household name like Hilton, these challenges are only magnified when the reputation of a household name is on the line.

Hotel businesses are often multi-locational with a variety of payroll cycles which traditional payroll systems struggle to cope with. Overpayments and similar errors are common which can lead to bad staff morale. This in turn can negatively affect the service delivery of employees. The last thing a household brand such as Hilton wants to face up to is the possibly of damaging their reputation due to a bad payroll outsourcing decision. This is why Dataplan is a popular choice for payroll when it comes to hotels and big brands like Hilton.

At Dataplan we have many years of experience managing payrolls for hotels and we can meet and exceed all of your needs in this particular industry.

Dataplan manages many hotel chains such as Hilton ranging in size from 20 to over 5000 employees across different payment cycles to address specific issues such as:

  • Weekly, fast turnaround payroll
  • Net to gross pay calculations
  • Taxation of troncs, tips and gratuities
  • Multi branch / department operations
  • Overseas workers and potentially complex tax / NI scenarios
  • High staff turnover for low paid roles
  • Minimum wage monitoring
  • Large numbers of casual staff
  • Bank staff for events
  • Detailed departmental reporting requirements
  • Multi-site issues and payroll consolidation

With Hilton having a reputation for being a forward thinking cutting edge hotel chain, they need a payroll outsourcing solution to match. One of the most popular aspects of our payroll solution are our branded ePayslips accessible through our smartphone apps as well as our secure data exchange portal ePaysafe. This allows various points of contact to view and approve payroll reports and payslips in real time to significantly streamline turnaround times.

Get a quote for hospitality payroll or give Dataplan a call to discuss your requirements on 03331 123456.

Chris Rutter

Chris is one of our Senior Innovation Managers with a focus on payroll. Chris helps to make sure that payroll processes are as efficient as they can be to make things easier for both staff and clients. Chris also helps to innovate our current solutions and create brand new ones such as Dataplan’s Gender Pay Gap Reporting solution

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