Charlotte has been with Dataplan for 3 years but has recently started in her new role as HR Contract Manager. Previous to this, she worked in our project and corporate teams gaining knowledge from all the sectors of the business.

How has Dataplan changed since you joined?

Dataplan has definitely grown since I joined in January 2016. There were only around 60 people when I started. I first joined the Projects team, then moved into our corporate department and I have recently moved into our HR department.

What’s the best thing about working in payroll?

I like the fast-paced environment and how everyone gets involved. Whatever you come up against, there is always someone who has the knowledge to help you. This is great for your personal development as there are always new things happening in payroll.

Also within payroll there are so many different elements that we have to support our clients with, meaning there are lots of opportunities for staff at Dataplan to progress and go on to something new – myself being one of those.

And the worst?

The worst thing about working in payroll is trying to understand and explain technical terminology or processes in simple terms!

If you could have anyone on your payroll, whom would it be?

A bakery because then they might send me some brownies – I’m obsessed with anything chocolatey.

What do you think payroll will be like in 50 years’ time?

I think a lot of the business will be automated. I don’t think many companies will process their payroll in house instead they will decide to outsource. Also, I think there will be invisible screens like on Iron Man!

What is your least favourite food?

Anchovies – they’re too fishy!

What do you think of HMRC?

Pants! But they are dealing with millions of clients. I think they need to invest more in their technology and staff to keep up with demand. I’m not sure they will ever be seen as amazing due to the amount of difficult issues they have to deal with.

Who or what makes you laugh?

I like Lee Evans, he has me in stitches! I bought my Dad two tickets for his birthday once hoping he’d take me but it didn’t go to plan, he took my mum instead…

charlotte bakerYour most used phrase?

“Should I go to the gym tonight?....Naahh” I would need to stop saying this if a bakery did start sending me brownies!

What is your biggest work challenge?

Since starting my new role in HR, I am currently modernising our service to meet client demands and expectations. Moving into HR is also a new challenge for me, it’s sometimes hard to forget your payroll head and put your HR one on.

Written by Charlotte Baker
Published on September 5, 2019