Mica joined Dataplan in 2017 after she finished studying at college. Mica started as a Business and Administration apprentice and is now on her second apprenticeship as a Digital Marketing Assistant.

How has Dataplan changed since you joined?

Since being at Dataplan I have seen the company constantly develop and grow. Dataplan has adapted and evolved to suit the ever-changing needs of the payroll world. Staff numbers are constantly on the rise and it’s great to see the teams grow.

What’s the best thing about working in payroll?

The best thing about working in payroll is evolution. Most people would think of the minimum wage increase or re-enrolment when asked what changes in payroll, but it is much more than that. Technology is helping the payroll sector to push old boundaries and it’s great to see us take that in our stride.

And the worst?

The worst part about working in payroll is the sensitive data we deal with. I think people underestimate how confidential the information is.

If you could have anyone on your payroll, who would it be?

I would like to have the TUI team on my payroll in hopes that they would pay in holiday vouchers!

What do you think payroll will be like in 50 years’ time?

In 50 years’ time I believe employees will begin to change the definition of payroll. As customer demands increase, I think payroll will become more beneficial to employees. For example, employees will be able to choose their pay date when they start at a new company!

What is your worst food?

I don’t think I can pick just one! I’m a very, very picky eater and will avoid most (healthy) foods at all costs.

What do you think of HMRC?

Since moving away from payroll processing, I am fortunate to not have to contact HMRC. I didn’t have any issues with HMRC myself but the hold music is imprinted into my brain!

Who or what makes you laugh?

The TV show ‘Friends’ always manages to make me laugh. If there ever comes a time it is not constantly being aired on Comedy Central, I have the full box set at the ready.

Your most used phrase?

mica chase“Let me grab my pen and paper.” I’m constantly learning as part of my apprenticeship and working at Dataplan so I find it beneficial to take notes of any new thing I come across.

What is your biggest work challenge?

My biggest work challenge is sitting in an office where everyone, but me, likes the temperature at around -5 degrees celsius!

Written by Mica Chase
Published on October 3, 2019