First Time Payroll Clients

First Time Payroll Clients
Alison Clynes
Written by Alison Clynes
Monday, 31 May 2010 23:00

When a company makes the decision to use a payroll company, there are several steps that will be taken by payroll outsourcing services such as ourselves at Dataplan.

Usually, the payroll bureau will assign a project manager to the new client. The manager is responsible for gathering as much information as possible about the client's company. He or she will need to understand how the company works, how the employees are paid at the moment, the chief concerns of the client when making this move, the level of sophistication of the business's systems at the moment and so on.

A meeting with the payroll bureau will be next, to go over the business's requirements and to draw together an action plan. The project manager will guide the company through the process of setting up the payroll. This will include garnering the required employee data.

Typically, when doing the first payroll, the project manager will begin the process earlier than usual to allow time for the payroll to be carefully checked. Some payroll bureaux may provide a member of their personnel to deal with employee queries.

Another meeting will be held to pick out any details that may need to be changed. There will be as many meetings as are required until all the wrinkles have been smoothed out and the client is happy with the way the payroll is being operated. A system can operate within a payroll company whereby there are at least two people that can be contacted if problems arise.

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