Go green with payroll outsourcing

Go green with payroll outsourcing
Alison Clynes
Written by Alison Clynes
Wednesday, 07 October 2009 09:00

Say what? Payroll outsourcing will make your company green and environmentally friendly? People are normally quite sceptical when we at Dataplan Payroll tell them that we can contribute to their business 'going green'. Everyone is into recycling and trying to minimise the carbon footprint we leave on the planet.

Going green can take many other forms except recycling and minimising office wastage. So let us explain how we can help your business go green by taking over your payroll function. Green helping hands.

We can save paper by no longer printing out your data, but by transmitting all your payroll data electronically to you. In this way you only have to print out absolutely necessary data and leave everything in electronic format. You can shrink your carbon footprint by no longer using the cheque format of paying employees. Instead we do direct depositing of employee wages into their bank accounts.

Paystubs can also be transferred electronically. This brings a saving in paper, so less trees are cut down. This also brings savings in energy and fuel that would have been used for the paper making process.

Using direct deposit has other green benefits as well. Your employees no longer have to deposit their cheques - no trips to the bank brings savings in fuel.

Not using mail with anything connected with payroll means savings on envelopes and postage as well. Once you start seeing the greening pattern payroll outsourcing brings, it becomes a powerful tool to use in your business as motivation. You can greatly encourage your staff to go green in other ways when you set an example. Come to Dataplan Payroll to read more about our green payroll outsourcing.

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