Payroll outsourcing - your disaster recovery solution

Payroll outsourcing - your disaster recovery solution
Richard Rowell
Written by Richard Rowell
Saturday, 29 August 2009 18:33

For today's businesses business continuity and disaster recovery are more important than ever. 10 years ago we were all less dependent on IT and even 5 years ago losing your IT for a few days would have been difficult for business. In todays information age any interuption in IT services for even a few hours is likely to severe consequences for your business.

Payroll services in particular are an area that can be mission critical. One where any loss of data or interruption of service can have a major negative impact on morale and goodwill with your employees. After all payroll is the reason we all go to work and delays and errors do not motivate your workforce.

Many companies looking to outsource to a payroll company cite business continuity as a major reason. And this is particularly so within the services sectors. Payroll outsourcing, of course has disaster recovery built-in. Employee information and payroll processing are completed off site. However, to be of benefit the disaster recovery procedures need to be better than your own. After all a disaster could befall the payroll company as readily as it could your own business.

When considering payroll outsourcing you should check the following with the payroll company:

  • If your payroll provider has an outage what is the recovery time?
  • Is this guaranteed?
  • Do they have a second disaster recovery site ?
  • What is their backup regime?
  • Can you access your payroll data even if there is a payroll outage with your payroll company

Choose your payroll company only when you are sure that provides what you need in terms of disaster recovery.

Richard Rowell

Richard is the CEO of Dataplan Payroll Limited and is also responsible for the ideas and development of Dataplan's innovative technology solutions such as ePaysafe.

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