Form Filling And Filing

Form Filling And Filing
Alison Clynes
Written by Alison Clynes
Tuesday, 17 August 2010 23:00

For an employer, PAYE tasks can sometimes seem like painting the Forth Bridge. No sooner have you completed all the end of year tasks, such as filing your Employer Annual Return, sorting out P60s for all your employees, filing all expenses and benefits annual returns and ensuring that correct PAYE tax and Class 1 National Insurance Contributions have been paid, than you are setting up the payroll records for all your employees for the start of the new tax year.

Then there are the employees who start with you or leave to go to other jobs during the tax year. For starters, you need to check that they have a P45 and that the information on it is as it should be and get the new member of staff onto your payroll system with the correct tax code. For leavers, your form P11 or payroll record must be updated and a P45 provided for them.

These tasks can be done online or on paper, but in either case the important aspect is to ensure that all the information is correctly entered and filed with HM Revenue & Customs.

This is where payroll outsourcing services can be very useful to take the load off your shoulders as you do not have to deal with all the paperwork and form filing. Here at Dataplan Payroll our managed payroll services cover all aspects of employer and employee tax and NI to provide seamless and efficient payroll processing services for your company, no matter what type of business it is.

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