Alison Clynes
Written by Alison Clynes
Monday, 21 June 2010 23:00

It may be that you have recently decided to outsource your payroll to an outside agency or you have been with a particular payroll bureau for a longer while. It is an unfortunate fact that not every single payroll company will be able to provide the perfect service. You might feel that they are charging you too much for their services or that they are imposing a set system of working which may well operate fine with other companies but not with yours.

Basically you are faced with two choices, bring the payroll department back into your company or find another payroll company to take care of the matter. Bringing the wages department back in-house does present problems however. You may need to employ a number of new people, depending on the number of personnel employed at your place of business. They will need to be qualified to operate the system and depending on their skills and experience might ask for a higher salary than you are able to afford. There will also be the added disturbance caused by clearing out office space and possibly installing new computers and new office furniture, all of which will cost money as well as time.

It would make more sense, since your company is already accustomed to having its payroll processed by a specialist organisation, to switch over to another payroll company such as Dataplan, where we will be able to offer competitive fees and a service that puts the customer, rather than itself, first.

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