Universities And Outsourcing

Universities And Outsourcing
Alison Clynes
Written by Alison Clynes
Monday, 28 June 2010 23:00

Running a university is a daunting task and organising the wages department within it is just as challenging. Some universities in Britain have chosen to opt for payroll outsourcing instead; to professional payroll bureau services. The average university will have several thousand students spread around different schools on the campus. Typically the Student Union will have a bar, shop and cafe on the grounds. There is a restaurant and several cafes around the schools as well.

Ancillary staff such as security, cleaners, cafe and restaurant assistants, cooks, shop, schools offices and library staff are all required to keep the university running smoothly. Faculty staff, technical assistants and disability support staff are also a necessary part of the set-up. The majority of the staff will have permanent contracts and appropriate pay bands.

Some however, are part-time hourly paid staff. Take, for example, a disability support worker. This person will be assigned students to work with who have difficulties such as dyslexia, hearing and visual impairments etc. The support worker will need to use a time-sheet to record his or her number of hours spent with the student and what work was undertaken. Once the student and the support worker have signed the time-sheet, it is sent through to the disability support office for verification then through to the payroll department.

At Dataplan Payroll services, we believe we can offer a payroll solution because we will be able to sort through all the various documentation needed to ensure all workers and staff are paid on time.

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