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5 Signs You're With the Wrong Payroll Outsourcing Company

5 Signs You're With the Wrong Payroll Outsourcing Company
Alison Clynes
Written by
Thursday, 08 April 2010 23:00

Putting an external company in charge of something as important as payroll can be daunting, and especially considering that if payroll outsourcing goes wrong, it will be you that has to pay the penalty. Therefore, choosing the correct payroll bureau is an important business decision.

If you currently employ a payroll bureau to manage payroll, how can you be sure its up to the job? Well here are a few things you could be looking for:

- Are you not being kept informed about any potential issues regarding your payroll? At Dataplan Payroll outsourcing we want you to have a complete awareness of the payroll process, ensuring you have peace of mind throughout.

- Are you telephone calls answered within 24 hours and your letters replied to in 48? At Dataplan Payroll we are aware that open channels of communication are essential for a fully functional service.

- Are you getting a service that is 100% confidential, honest and professional? At Dataplan Payroll we are a committed payroll company, which ensures that all our staff are specialised in the process of payroll.

- Are your problems solved with 100% efficiency? At Dataplan Payroll we'll never give up on a job until it is up to your standards.

- Does your current payroll outsourcing company have a proven track record in a variety of sectors? With Dataplan Payroll you can be assured of payroll services that have been proven helpful in some of the most demanding sectors around.

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