A Payroll Services Solution For Modern Flexible Working

A Payroll Services Solution For Modern Flexible Working
Alison Clynes
Written by Alison Clynes
Thursday, 08 July 2010 23:00

In today's economic climate a degree of flexible working is seen as essential for businesses and employees alike. New Working Time Directives and other EU initiatives are set to extend the right to request flexible working to a wider range of employees. Employers need not agree, but many of them now recognize the benefits to themselves and their business productivity.

Recent researches have shown that workers who feel in control of their work patterns, and thus their work-life balance, experience improved rest and sleep patterns, lower blood pressure, less stress, and all round better physical and mental health. This makes for a healthy, contented workforce, lower absence rates due to health or childcare issues, higher morale and team spirit, and better productivity. Everyone wins.

However, flexible working entails irregular shift patterns over days or weeks, and there is no denying this places an added burden on staff responsible for administering payroll services. Timesheets, pay rates, and allowable expenses for things like travel, meals, overnight stays, and working-from-home re-imbursements, all need to be carefully logged, scrutinized, calculated and approved. Payroll bureau administrators have always needed specialist skills, and today these must be constantly updated to keep abreast of ever-changing circumstances and regulations. Businesses with an in-house payroll department must allow for regular staff training, as well as experienced qualified back-up for both planned and unexpected absences.

It's not surprising, therefore, that many businesses are now finding that, rather than employ their own specialist payroll staff, it is far more efficient, reliable and cost-effective to use payroll outsourcing services such as we offer here at Dataplan Payroll.

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