A Payroll Solution For Today's Complex Workforce

A Payroll Solution For Today's Complex Workforce
Alison Clynes
Written by Alison Clynes
Monday, 03 May 2010 23:00

The economic climate is still challenging for businesses. Productivity and sales fluctuate with national and international growth spurts, interest rate variations, and political interventions. A particular sector, like high-street retailing, may recover, only to fall back again. Whether or not there's a 'double-dip recession', there is little stability.

This is reflected in the national workforce. Unemployment is at a record high due to newly-redundant workers. A lot of these are ready to take any work, even if it is not the sort of employment package they are used to. So, there are now many more workers on temporary, part-time, casual or even fully freelance contracts, making outsourced payroll solutions from experienced professionals an asset.

This is helpful to businesses. It enables them to hire workers without needing as much financial commitment, at a time when budgets are minimal. It also allows more flexibility of response to changing market conditions because workers not enjoying full-time permanent contracts can be redeployed, or let go completely. However, it also means that payroll processing services need to be extremely well-briefed, accurate and agile in dealing with a contractually-complicated and fluctuating workforce.

Incoming staff need their varying contracts, tax codes and National Insurance details processed in time for their first wage payments, and payroll outsourcing can prove helpful in lifting this responsibility from company shoulders. Outgoing staff require termination or redundancy payments to be made correctly and promptly. Unless a business has its own highly-qualified wages department, it may find handling such complexities in-house is simply not practical. It can be far more efficient, and cost effective, to use payroll outsourcing services such as we at Dataplan Payroll provide.

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