Written by Stewart Waddell
Published on July 23, 2014

In short yes! Either by your payroll outsourcing bureau or yourself.

BACS are currently sending updates to customers regarding the collection and checking of BACS reports

Bacs Reports are you accessing yours?

A recent review conducted by BACS shows some Service Users (customers) were not retrieving or making use of their Bacs Reports; not integrating these reports increases the chance of incorrect or failed collections, which wastes time and effort for both the bureau and Service Users. As a result, Bacs recently sent out messages to ensure that Service Users are indeed making use of the reports.

How to access Bacs Reports

Bacs Reports are easily accessible through either of the following methods:
• Via the payment services website, by a Service User or your Payroll Bureau
• By automatic download to a Service User’s Bacstel-IP software.

Types of Available Bacs Reports

 Input reports (live and test)
 Arrival reports
 Withdrawal reports
 ARUCS (Automated Return of Unapplied Credits Service) reports
 ARUDD (Automated Return of Unpaid Direct Debits) reports
 AUDDIS (Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service) reports
 ADDACS (Automated Direct Debit Amendment and Cancellation Service) reports
 AWACS (Advice of Wrong Account for Credits Service) reports
 DDIC (Direct Debit Indemnity Claim) advice reports

The information contained across the reports seeks to provide a comprehensive account of the transactions of a Service User, including details about submission, acceptance and rejections if any.

Why do I need to access Bacs Reports?

Effectively using the details within the BACS reports will increase efficiency of transactions by reducing failed payments to your employees. In order to so, the Service User needs to act on the information in the reports in an appropriate timeframe (for example, three working days for both ADDACS and AWACS), as outlined in both the Service Users’ Guide and Rules to the Direct Debit Scheme.
The reports contain data which must be followed up and it is, therefore, important to collect and act on them regularly - if not, both user ,customer and employee will suffer .

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