Written by James Kitching
Published on March 20, 2015

On a day when we will see a total eclipse, make sure you’re payroll is not being hidden from you.

When working with an outsourced payroll provider the last thing you want is to not know what is happening with your company’s payroll. These are 4 things you should consider when looking for a new provider to ensure you have transparency through all processes.

1. Communication

Ensure that you have regular communication with your payroll provider and they are willing to talk you through changes with legislation and your specific payroll issues. Having a dedicated contact or team will ensure you have continuity and that they get to know your payroll and organisation.

2. Transparency

If mistakes occur, your provider should be open and honest about these. Make sure your provider also has a clear non-conformance procedure in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again

3. Dedicated payroll contacts

Make sure you have a dedicated contact at the payroll provider and that you have a direct email address or are able to call them when you want. You do not want a contact that hides behind 3 layers of a help desk system, you want to speak to the person or team that know your payroll inside out.

4. Clear view

You want a clear view of your payroll and during the set-up process and ongoing ensure you have reports that make sense to you. Your reports and payslips should satisfy your company needs rather than be ‘show-horned’ into set templates devised by the provider. Any reports should be available for you to review in good time to approve you payroll.

So whether you are considering outsourcing your payroll for the first time, are reviewing your provider or just want to ensure the best possible service from your current provider, make sure you have clear sight of your payroll at all times.