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End Of Year Payroll Services

End Of Year Payroll Services
Alison Clynes
Written by
Tuesday, 23 March 2010 08:32

A full end of year payroll solution is included in our standard payroll services. All businesses now need to file end of year PAYE reports to HM Revenue and Customs online, as they no longer product or accept paper forms. This is the first year that's been the case, and it's a sign of the times - most accounting and payroll services are computerised and fully or partially automated these days. We can help sort out your end of financial year responsibilities for you, but here is a quick rundown of what end of year payroll processing services need to include.

Revenue and Customs require businesses to register with their online submission service. PAYE and payroll records needs to be put in order if they aren't already, and finalised. Forms P14 and P35 (the Employer Annual Returns forms) need to be filled in and submitted over the internet. Because PAYE is an approximate system, refunds or further payments might be required.

A payroll solution needs to be put in place for the new financial year. Wages may well have changed a little over the year, or PAYE tax rates and bands shifted, so new rates need to be worked out and checked. Revenue and Customs need to be notified of your intended system for the coming year, too.

Employees may need to have a P60 generated for them and issued to them. We can tell you who needs to have one and arrange it - it's all included in the payroll services packages.

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